Artist Statment


I was born the last of six kids.  My two older sisters are both accomplished artists. I was always encouraged when I was young. For me, art is the only way I can express certain things. It’s how I express my love of God, my love of landscape, my love of composition and my love of color. I love strong color, strong feelings, and dark darks next to bright lights. My work is not quiet or subtle for that is not what I want to express out of my heart. My early influences were the pop artists. I loved their fun, gigantic paintings and sculptures. Claes Oldenburg and Robert Rauschenberg were two of my favorites. Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Van Gogh inspire me always. My life has been frustrating because of the Post Modem period we live in. Art that has marked the last 30 years has been the opposite of what I create. What gets promoted and has been in style is gloomy, cynical, and without hope. Modern art is dark, complicated, and conveys the message that life is meaningless and cruel. There is no purpose. There is no reason. You are a bizarre accident. It says, “Make absurd art without skill, without any beauty.” That’s difficult for the common people to understand. Since I do not subscribe to the existential view of life and since I have stopped using drugs, I find life a beautiful gift. I paint for myself and friends here in Abilene. I believe in creativity and I love jazz; I love the west and I love Abilene. I’m excited, happy, and I want to express that with skills and panache. On one hand, we communicate with our art, on the other, we paint for ourselves. I wish to do both. It is not always easy.

— Anthony Brown